Tucson Platform Bed
The Tucson Platform Bed is a unique design bridging the southwest with a contemporary Asian twist. The bed is constructed using 2" thick (8/4) solid knotty red alder. The headboard features traditional craftsman joinery with integral mortise and tenons, and massive bread board ends. The bread board ends are attached to the bed with large square mesquite plugs installed from the back side of the head board. The most eye catching feature of the bed is the use of 100% genuine Morenci turquoise to fill all of the knot holes in the wood. It is rare to find furniture with genuine turquoise inlay. Most often a turquoise colored plastic flake is used. The turquoise takes significant time and effort to shape and work but the results are beautiful. While the bed is available without the inlay, The Morenci turquoise really cannot be beat.  Each of the corners of the bed feature mesquite accents. The platform bed is designed to be used with a mattress only and will look awkward with the use of a box spring. The mattress support slats are made from 1 1/2" thick poplar and fit into dovetailed pockets along each rail. If you would like to order a Tucson Platform Bed or any other style of platform bed you can imagine, please give me a call to discuss your ideas.


-Sam Correa

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