Pasadena Side Table
I originally designed this table for an intensive furniture making class I taught at Woodcraft in Tucson. This side table is part of a matching pair using solid air dried American black walnut (Juglans nigra L.). All of the joinery consists of integral draw bore pinned mortise and tenon construction. Careful attention was paid to grain matching and grain orientation. I filled all of the knot holes with a black epoxy filler which disappears into the wood adding to the appearance and strength. The top features integral tenon bread board ends with ebony accents. The hardware is hand made using Gaboon ebony (Diospyros dendro L.) and is attached with walnut dowels. The hand cut proud through dovetail drawer box features a raised panel bottom for added integrity. The drawers run on walnut glides and have a spring loaded walnut drawer stop to prevent the drawer from coming out.  Other species of wood are available upon request. If you have a specific design you are looking for, let me help you bring it to life.

-Sam Correa

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