John Jonasson Book Case
John Jonasson, Later changed to John Hall, worked for the Greene brothers from 1890 through 1906 to produce the famous Greene and Greene furniture that has become a keystone in American craftsman design. John and his older brother Peter were the hands behind the beautiful Greene and Greene movement. This John Jonasson inspired book case is constructed with air dried American cherry. The design is composed of traditional frame and panel construction featuring integral mortise and tenon joinery and draw bore pinned tenons. The walnut draw bore pins provide for an extremely strong locked joint that will never fail. The top is made using traditional bread board ends and walnut accents. The shelves are 1/2" polished glass and allow for the addition of a lighted interior. This book case is also available with cherry framed stained glass doors. With stained glass doors and a lighted interior the price is $13250.  If you would like to order this book case or any other style of book case or cabinet please contact me for a free design consultation.


-Sam Correa

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