Dovetailed Stand
The Dovetailed Stand was commissioned for a local Tucson resident. It is constructed from phenomenal book-matched black walnut (Juglans nigra L.) as well as a nicely contrasting pairing of American Ash (Fraxinus americana L.). It was constructed using through dovetails, glueless sliding dovetails. The walnut base is constructed using integral mortise and tenon joinery secured in place with draw bore pins.

I was approached by the client with a design and drawings of a television shelf they wished to create. There was very little room for alterations to the design however I was able to incorporate a number of features which I felt elevated the piece nicely. Originally the piece was to be made entirely of ash and set flat on the floor. I incorporated the walnut for the vertical components as well as added the short pedestal base for added interest. In order to increase the strength of the piece I also added a back brace which I joined with hand cut dovetail joinery. This piece is an intensive and complex example of the dovetail joint. I wanted the joinery to really show and add to the overall aesthetic. This piece of furniture exhibits the finest joinery possible. The Dovetailed Stand was a custom commission and has found its permanent home. If you would like to commission a completely custom piece of fine furniture, please call me to discuss the possibilities. I would be very proud to craft a beautiful piece for you.

Thank you

-Sam Correa

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