Chaparral Table
The Chaparral Table is constructed with traditional integral mortise and tenon joinery. The design was adapted from my Greene and Greene inspired Chaparral Night Stand and features a unique blend of complimentary hardwoods.  The base is comprised of several pieces of hickory carefully laid out to provide a very solid structure as well as maintain a fairly delicate apron. The drawer box and drawer pocket are made with American black walnut and feature hand cut through tenon joinery. The table top is made from three wide pieces of big leaf maple. the table top also incorporates wide bread board ends with walnut accents and splines. The tenons on this piece are all reinforced with walnut draw bore pins for a joint that cannot and will never come apart. This Table can be used for a number of different purposes and will look great in your office, den, kitchen, or bedroom. The Chaparral Table is available for $8450. If you would like to order the Chaparral Table or any other style of table or desk please contact me for a free design consultation.


-Sam Correa

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