Bird Watchers Box
The Bird Watchers Box is a very unique design. I developed this small piece to be used as a decorative storage cabinet for the backyard bird watching enthusiast. Inside this beautiful piece is room for a collection of bird watching field guides as well as one or two pairs of compact binoculars. In reality this cabinet could be used for a multitude of purposes. The carcass and door frame are made from a very beautiful wood known as picana negra (Cordia alliadora) or "black pecan" It is very closely related to the more commonly known "bocote" (Cordia eleagnoides). The panels, drawer bottom and base are crafted from a nicely figured quarter-sawn spalted sycamore (Platanus occidentalis). The panels are also book-matched to increase the symmetry of the design. The sides and back of the dovetailed drawer are made from a very aromatic táscate wood (Juniperus deppeana). The pins and hardware are crafted from a wood known as ziricote (Cordia dodecandra). The construction of this piece is composed of a variety of very delicately cut joinery including through dovetails, integral mortise and tenon joints, sliding dovetails and several draw bore pins. The Bird Watchers Box is available at $2700. If you would like to own this one of a kind piece or commission a completely custom piece of fine furniture, please call me to discuss the possibilities. I would be very proud to craft a beautiful piece of furniture for you.

Thank you

-Sam Correa

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