Arizona Buffet
The Arizona Buffet is constructed from the most beautiful Arizona walnut (Juglans major) I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Arizona walnut is very rare and extremely beautiful. In addition to the lovely walnut components, there are numerous desert ironwood (Olneya tesota) accents. Olneya tesota is endemic to the Sonoran desert. This particular wood was thankfully salvaged from a firewood vendor and transformed into beautiful handles and accents for this one of a kind piece. The buffet is an intensive and complex example of exquisite craftsman joinery. The storage cabinet is made from black walnut (Juglans nigra) and constructed using through dovetails, glueless sliding dovetails, half-blind dovetails as well as pinned mortise and tenon doors. The back of the cabinet features a massive captured raised panel which is free to expand and contract with the seasons. The table assembly is tediously crafted using integral mortise and tenon joinery secured in place with draw bore pins. Moving on to the top you will find carefully milled slabs of Arizona walnut kept flat by massive glueless integral mortise and tenon bread board ends.  This piece of furniture is designed to move with the seasons and exhibits the finest possible form of traditional craftsman furniture with contemporary Asian design elements. The Arizona buffet is available at $13,750. If you would like to own this one of a kind piece or commission a completely custom piece of fine furniture, please call me to discuss the possibilities. I would be very proud to craft a beautiful piece of furniture for you.

Thank you

-Sam Correa

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